Coral Springs Boulevard has been designated a priority 2 snow plowing route. Coral Springs Blvd. - Snow Route Parking BanWhat this means is that parking will be temporarily restricted on the boulevard for 72 hours following a declaration of a snow event by The City.

The City will declare when Snow Route parking bans are in effect and citizens will be asked to remove their vehicles from the affected roads to facilitate plowing. Snow events will be declared when snowfalls with 5 cm or more of accumulated snow occur.

According to the FAQ’s on the City of Calgary’s website, “Vehicles left in a parking restricted area are subject to enforcement measures up to and including a parking tag and tow. If you believe your vehicle is missing due to a parking infraction you can verify this with the municipal impound lot at 403-537-7111.”

For more information, please visit the following City of Calgary websites.

Snow Route Parking Bans   and   Snow Route Parking Bans FAQ
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